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Düsseldorf Bio-Data Science

Large and complex datasets are becoming an increasingly important part of scientific research. Their analysis often requires specialized know-how and expertise from different disciplines.  

Dusseldorf Bio-Data Science is an effort to bring together all interested people at HHU and the region and to form a community to discuss, share knowledge and stimulate cooperation among local research groups.

Monthly Bio-Data Science Meetings

The community meets monthly at the O.A.S.E. For a meeting schedule see the calendar on this page. The aim of the monthly meetings is to bring together biologists, physicians, computer scientists, mathematicians and statisticians and to provide a forum for the friendly exchange of ideas and for interfaculty and interdisciplinary collaboration. Everybody is welcome.

Topics will range from applied data science from biology and medicine over best practises to novel data science methods. The format is simple: one or two talks by internal or external speakers, junior or senior, followed by a general discussion and drinks reception.



If you have questions or comments, or if you want to present at the meeting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: .