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Chronologie der Bio-Data Science-Treffen

  • 12.12.2018
    undefinedStefan Janssen: The power of meta-analysis in microbial ecology
    undefinedAlexander Probst: Pirating the pirates: Microbial interactions in the deep terrestrial biosphere
  • 14.11.2018
    undefinedJohannes Köster: A latent variable model for structural variant calling in tumor/normal sample pairs
  • 05.09.2018
    undefinedPaul Jäger: End-to-end Deep Learning in Breast Imaging
    undefinedSimon Kohl: Dealing with Image ambiguities in Medical Image Segmentation
  • 13.06.2018
    undefinedSven Rahmann: Discovering differentially methylated regions from whole genome bisulfite sequencing data
    David Lähnemann: ProSolo: Sensitive and Precise Single Nucleotide Variant Calls for Single Cells
  • 16.05.2018
    undefinedTobias Marschall (U Saarbrücken & MPI Informatics): Data Science meets Long-Read Sequencing
    undefinedAndreas Weber & undefinedAlisandra Denton, Institute of Plant Biochemistry: Using large-scale data to discover novel biology – application to photosynthesis research
  • 11.04.2018
    undefinedGuido Reifenberger
    : Large-scale molecular profiling of brain tumors
    undefinedMarkus Kollmann
    : Deep Learning Concepts for Life Sciences
  • 14.12.2017
    Kick-off Meeting